About Me

Baby Sleep Expert & A Mom

Khudeja Williams

Paediatric Sleep Consultant and Founder of Sweet Dreams Sleep Consulting. I’m happily married to my wonderful husband, and am a mother to two amazing little boys, named Adam (who was born 8 weeks premature) and Ali, who was born in March, 2020.

As first-time parents with a premature baby, we were lost. While I was pregnant, I’d read many books on sleep and raising children, but nothing prepared me for sleep deprivation and caring for a tiny 3.5 lb boy.

My Sleep Philosophy

I practice and believe in a holistic, gentle, and positive parent-present approach, which is compatible with the Attachment Parenting philosophy.

I work one-on-one with families to build a plan that works uniquely for them.

I help families teach their children the challenging new skill of falling asleep, while being hands on, offering support and comfort.

My goal is to educate parents about healthy sleep habits and what to expect. Your baby’s biological needs and cognitive and physical development are always in mind while developing healthy sleep habits.

My Approach

Sleep is not a luxury — it is a biological need. I’m passionate about sleep because I’ve been there! Adam wasn’t always an amazing sleeper. I’ve experienced many sleepless nights raising my sons. I’ve read all the conflicting advice and opinions on the internet.

I understand the impact a lack of sleep can have — not only on your baby, but your entire family dynamic. I’ve seen first-hand the difference healthy sleep can make. And I know there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to finding restorative quality sleep.

If you’re exhausted and overwhelmed by your child’s sleep difficulties, please contact me. We’ll schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation so I can learn
about your little one and your current situation. I’ll offer advice and support, and we’ll discuss how I can help you and your family get the healthy sleep you all need
and deserve. Every child can learn to sleep, and every family deserves to be well rested and healthy.

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