Sleep Essentials

As a mom of 2 busy boys, I’ve been through a lot of baby products. When it comes to sleep, remember that A sleep product In of itself isn’t likely to transform your child’s sleep but they are a piece of the puzzle for healthy Sleep. These are my favourites.

DisclaimerSome of the above links are Amazon affiliate links, me and my family have personally used each and every one of these products and 100% recommend them to you.

White Noise Machines

I personally love the “rain” white noise sound, now I am not a fan of using iPads or phones for the audio because of the inconsistency of battery life and incoming messages. these 2 brands are my fav, I recommend this if you are looking for a portable noise machine for travel or daycare too.

Dohm Sound Machine

I’ve come to really love a ‘pure’ white noise machine, the Dohm is the original white noise machine and I’ve loved it so much. If you’re looking for a portable noise machine for travel or daycare, this is my favourite.

Sleep Sacks/ Bags

A sleep sack/bag is essential, it is a combination of a blanket and sleeping bag. They provide your little ones with a cozy, comfy and safe attire to keep them warm during their sleep. These are my favorites

Woolino Sleep Sac

This sleepsack is the bomb! It’s a bit of a higher price point but so worth it. The smaller size is for ages 2 months to 2 years and the larger size is 2-4 years, meaning in your baby’s life you’ll only need 2 sleepsacks [especially since they are made of merino wool – meaning temperature-regulating – so they can be worn year round!] they are hypoallergenic, super soft, breathable, stain resistant, and super durable! Highly recommend!

Love To Dream

When swaddling baby, especially during warmer months, using a blanket with a breathable fabric is a must. If your baby is busting out of traditional blanket swaddles… this is a life saver! Some children love to have their hands up by their face, this swaddle allows this but yet keeps them feeling tight and snug.

As they grow use the transition love to dream to transition them out of the swaddle with the zippered arms. Best age to do this is 2.5-3.5months – before they start rolling.

GRO Blinds- Portable

I searched far and wide for a product that worked as well as my classy tin-foiled up windows and this is it. Not only do these get your child’s room pitch black, they also keep out heat, cold, and outside noise. And they are super affordable! The best part? It sticks to any window with suction cups and it can be made bigger or smaller using the velcro adhesives, to fit many window sizes

Lovey/Snuggly Buddies

When choosing a lovey for your child, we need to make sure it’s safe and age-appropriate. Ideally loveys shouldn’t be much bigger than your child’s head and made of a breathable fabric. These lulujo loveys fit the bill and are so cute! The bunny is my favorite but they also have puppies, llamas, sloths, and even yetis!

Taggy Lovey

If you child has shown interest in textures and satin labels, this taggy lovey is the best! It comforts the child because of its cuddliness and also provides the sensory textures for children.

GRO Clock

Worth its weight in gold! This reverse alarm clock is so helpful for giving kids ages 2.5 and up a visual cue as to when it’s okay to wake up/leave their rooms. The key here is parental consistency, so keep in mind if you don’t enforce the clock, it will lose its magic! But this clock is a dream

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